An editosensorial event proposed by
Alexandru Balgiu

June 1, 2, 3
at ECAL, Lausanne

(Jacques Scherer’s typographical translations of Mallarmé’s notes for his “Book” project)

A verbi-voco-visual banquet at the crossroads of

graphic design
& literature

& poetry

(Karl Young, “A Book of Nocturns”)

Three days of

& conversations

& distribution

(Ilse Garnier, “Rythmes et Silence, poèmes spatiaux”)

Bringing together
graphic designers,
type designers,
a fox
— voices speaking from the past or the present, both dead & alive

(Robert Smithson, “A Heap of Language”)

On Thursday,
in the IKEA Auditorium:

— at 2pm,
Sssophie Demay, Paul Bailey and ssssome of their ssssstudents will ssssssprint

— at 3pm,
Julia Born will share secrets about language, body and movement

— at 4pm,
François Rappo will walk us from Jugendstil to Modernism

— at 5pm,
Manuel Raeder will investigate the reader’s traces

— at 6pm,
Davide Fornari and Robert Lzicar will be Mapping Graphic Design History in Switzerland before the sun goes down

(Emmett Williams, “Alphabet Symphony”)

On Friday,
in the IKEA Auditorium:

— at 2pm,
we will gather around Muriel Pic, Schaffter Sahli and Christian Joschke as they will discuss elegiac editorial forms and aerial bridges

— at 3pm,
Louis Lüthi will turn the pages pitch black

— at 4pm,
Thierry Chancogne and Christophe Jacquet will search for Jean Sénac

— at 5pm,
Philippe Millot might invite Raymond Roussel on stage

— at 6pm,
Marcelline Delbecq will pollinate textual fragments

(Emmett Williams, “Alphabet Symphony”)

On Saturday,
in the IKEA Auditorium:

— at 2pm,
Pierre Déléage will excavate for the source of primitive poems

— at 3pm,
Camille Pageard will decipher Armand Schwerner’s Tablets

— at 4pm,
We will stare at the Eclipse Archive with Craig Dworkin

— at 5pm,
John Morgan, confessions of a book lover

— at 6pm,
Sara de Bondt will be Mitya, Ivan or Alyosha

‹o› future ‹o›,
Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite,
Cent Pages,
Eastside Projects,
Four Corners Books,
Information as Material,
Éditions Macula,
Éditions Mix.,
Occasional Papers,
Paraguay Press,
Presses du Réel,
Primary Information,
Rollo Press,
Roma Publications,
Section 7 Books,
Shelter Press,
Spector Books,
Triest Verlag,
Tombolo Presses and
Ugly Duckling Presse
will join us for an effervescent book market at ELAC Gallery that will be open, like the farmers market, in the morning.

(Lygia Clark, “Sensorial Objects”)

In the ECAL Library, Fabrice Mabime will activate a selection of publications by means of voice and objects.

(Raymond Roussel’s narration imbrication method)

Alexis Hominal will invite us to experience Robert Filliou’s “Principle of Equivalence” through a series of paper operations in the ECAL Printshop.

Meanwhile, Roman Seban will run a publishing studio exploring the translation arcanas of a very intriguing Keith Waldrop text.

As for Simon Mager, he will be busy working on a new project inspired by Richard Kostelanetz’s “Assembling” magazine.

(Christian Dotremont, “Snow Logograms”)

In order to explore the perspectives of the page as an expanded device, Izet Sheshivari will display a selection of publications questioning the relationship between each object’s discourse, its editorial space and its specific models of navigation.

(Alison Knowles, “The Big Book”)

Actions will occur in unexpected places at unexpected moments.

We will ride Åbäke’s newest Penguin Donkey.

We will experience Félicia Atkinson’s biblioaural playgrounds.

(John Form by John Form)

We will meet Mark, Bibliomania’s newest friend in town.
Mark will be the event’s narrator, on this occasion.
Please feel free to question Mark.

Hi Mark!

(Mide Picture-Song)

AXAXAXA will be Designing Writing’s confidants by welcoming our guests for intimate conversations between book stacks in Lausanne’s amazing bookshop,

La Louve!

(Bruno Munari says: “No entry, I am in a narrow place between rain and snow, please help”)

LAO-ZEN with Sany — meta perspectives on cartoons will be proposed during the event!

(Marder, Luse and Co., “Specimen of Candy Stamps”, 1883)

École cantonale d’art de Lausanne
5, avenue du Temple
CH-1020 Renens

T +41 (0)21 316 99 33

(David Antin, “Talking at the Boundaries”)

This informative carousel is designed by Alexandru Balgiu, Simon Mager and Frederik Mahler-Andersen.

(Armin Hofmann’s fluid matrix devices)